Announcement announces new GSA eBuy monitoring tool.  Quikfuse provides instant notification of eBuy opportunities...

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Your GSA eBuy is a Great tool...

There are several million companies in the United States and even more around the world.  Many of them with the same capabilities as your company. By monitoring GSA eBuy and effectively marketing your GSA schedule, you can differentiate yourself as a qualified resource approved to do business with the federal government. Your GSA Schedule qualifies you for GSA eBuy opportunities - thousands of them - that only get released for consideration to GSA schedule holders.

Monitoring is an important part of your proactive marketing strategy of identifying and reaching out to federal buyers. Monitor GSA eBuy and dedicate the resources to submit quality proposals. Put your GSA Schedule to work for you... You earned it!


Next Steps...

eBuy is a great tool that provides GSA schedule holders with access to opportunities only available to them. Monitor GSA eBuy regularly so you know what opportunities are great for your company.  QuikFuse can help you monitor and organize... Click for more information on how you can get QuikFuse...