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All About e-Buy


What is e-Buy?

e-Buy is designed to facilitate the request for and submission of quotes or proposals for commercial products, services, and solutions offered through GSA Federal Supply Schedules and Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs). Using the e-Buy system, Federal Purchasers (buyers) may prepare and post an RFQ/RFP for specific products and services for a specified period of time. Once posted, contractors (sellers) may review the request and post a response.

e-Buy is a simple online procurement tool to use. First, find a category and select vendors to personally notify (all vendors are notified if the RFQ/RFP is placed under a GWAC category). All vendors listed under the category selected can also review or quote on your request. Second, enter your requirements and specify the amount of time the RFQ should remain open. Contractors will receive emails about your requirements and submit quotes in return.

Why Should I Use e-Buy?

e-Buy was designed to bring ease and versatility to online procurement. Here is a sample of what can be done using e-Buy:

  • Receive quotes on millions of products and services
  • Find sources of supply
  • Seek information
  • Procure complex requirements by attaching statements of work
  • Request large dollar items
  • Establish Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) pricing

What are the Benefits of e-Buy?

Take a look at some of the great benefits that both Federal buyers and Schedule Vendors can experience by using e-Buy:
Federal Buyers:

  • Save time and money by completing procurements online
  • Ensure compliance with DoD Section 803 requirements
  • Submit on-line Modifications
  • Forward RFQ/RFPs to others for review and purchase
  • Attach customized documents

Schedule and GWAC contractors:

  • Tap into a new large customer base for your products and services
  • Increase sales
  • Access to all RFQ/RFPs placed under categories for which you hold contracts
  • Receive email notices of RFQ/RFP opportunities

How Does eBuy Work?


Federal Government Agencies

Using the eBuy system,  federal agencies (buyers) may prepare and post Requests for  Quotations (RFQs) for specific supplies (products) and services offered  under GSA Schedule and Technology contracts (i.e.; GSA Schedule 70 (Information Technology)Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs), and Network Services and Telecommunications). Each RFQ is posted in the eBuy system for a designated period of time  and is assigned to a GSA Schedule Special Item Number (SIN) category or  GWAC/Network Services and Telecommunications functional category by the  buyer. The category assignment determines which Schedule, GWAC, or  Network Services and Telecommunications contractors (sellers) can  receive the email notice to submit quotations. Sellers are automatically  listed under their awarded SINs or functional categories. For GSA Schedules, buyers may notify all sellers listed under a  particular SIN category or may choose to notify a lesser number of  sellers. (Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 8.405 stipulates  that buyers must provide the RFQ to at least three Schedule contractors  for orders exceeding the micro-purchase threshold.) Sellers not  notified can still submit a quotation for an RFQ placed under their  awarded SINs. For GWACs and Network Services and Telecommunications contracts, buyers must notify all sellers listed under a particular functional category. Once an RFQ has closed, buyers may then evaluate and accept the  quotation that represents the best value. Buyers may then issue an order  to any contractor whose quotation was accepted.

State and Local Government Entities

State and local government entities (buyers) may now use the eBuy system to prepare and post RFQs for GSA Schedule supplies and services under the Cooperative Purchasing Program and the Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program. In order to use eBuy, state and local buyers must first register in GSA Advantage!®  as a state government customer. Buyers needing assistance with the registration process should contact the GSA Advantage!®Helpdesk on (877) 472-3777. Each RFQ is posted in the eBuy system for a designated period of time  and is assigned to a GSA Schedule Special Item Number (SIN) category by  the buyer. The category assignment determines which Schedule  contractors (sellers) may receive the email notice to submit quotations.  Sellers are automatically listed under their awarded SINs. Buyers may notify all sellers under a particular SIN category or may  choose to notify a lesser number of sellers. Sellers not notified may  still submit a quotation for an RFQ placed under their awarded SINs. Once an RFQ has closed, buyers may evaluate and accept the quotation  that represents the best value. Buyers may then issue an order to any  contractor whose quotation was accepted.

More About Buyers

Government users who have an account on GSA Advantage!®  may use eBuy. Buyers who shop GSA Advantage!®  may also designate specific  supplies and services in their shopping carts to be posted to eBuy for  quotations prior to purchase. Buyers may attach any documents (such as a Statement of Work) to  their RFQs. The ability to attach documents is particularly useful when  the requirement is for services.

More About Sellers

Contractors who want to submit quotations must do so at the eBuy website. All contractors must register with the Vendor Support Center (VSC) to participate in eBuy and receive RFQs. GSA Schedule contractors who have their catalogs posted to GSA Advantage!®  are eligible to submit quotations through eBuy. Contractors are automatically registered in eBuy under their awarded SINs. GWAC and Network Services and Telecommunications contractors must  register with the VSC to be eligible to submit quotations through eBuy.  Contractors that register with the VSC are automatically listed in eBuy  under their awarded functional categories. GSA Schedule, GWAC, and Network Services and Telecommunications  contractors are advised to check the eBuy site each day for RFQ  opportunities, since email notification is not guaranteed. Contractors' quotations are not visible to other contractors. Only the buyer can view contractor names and quotations. Contractors can include attachments with their quotations. Open  market items, however, can not be included in their quotations. If  clarifications are needed, contractors can contact the buyer via email.

Next Steps...

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